Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

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I am so happy to have friended you on LJ. Riam sounds like such a precious girl. How fun to take her with you places!

Someday I will get another CAG girl, and a Goffin Cockatoo girl, too. Until then... :)

Birdy poop colors from various foods

Shanlung, the first time I fed my birds pomegranate, I was horrified at the color of the poops. They LOVE pomegranate. The poop is, like you say,
a regal purple of various shades. I can imagine what the mulberry treats ended up looking like.

If you have a chance to get cantaloupe or other melons, I highly recommend them. My birds will chew on the melon flesh, to get the juice out, then fling the remaining pulp to clean their beaks. I figure the object is to not ingest any more weight into their systems than they want to carry around in flight. Only the essence of the food is desirable and a minimum of waste.

Even their digestive systems are designed efficiently to make it easier to fly. Like the hollow feather shafts, and the hollow bones. My husband says that designers of airplanes would sell their souls to create an aircraft to fly as efficiently and beautifully as a bird.

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