Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

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Wow ShanLung, that was fast!

I will post a blog with more info on my situation with Piper. I am training him with the same general methods as I did with Carly, but having to add many more steps to the outdoor acclimation part before freeflying. He spooks very easily and often outdoors, which means that the biggest reinforcer, normally, for wearing a harness is not there. Going outside isn't a reinforcer but instead needs to be trained also. Carly is an extremely calm bird outdoors, so spook flights were never an issue. Having seen several losses and near-losses of free flighted Greys after spooking, it's a very high priority of mine to ensure Piper is confident and secure outside before flying with Carly.

I already use a hand made custom design, but it is still more bulky than the Tink harness. Piper puts it on well but doesn't like to keep it on long. I'm hoping ShanLung's UltraLite harness will be more comfortable and make the acclimation process easier.

Thanks ShanLung!

More in blog post, Piper's Outdoor Acclimation:

And thanks again ShanLung! Piper will fit right in to the So Calif surf scene with his cool tye-dye rainbow harness.

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